15 Dec 2016


10:30 am - 4:00 pm

CHEAD Membership and Networking Meeting

Data and Narrative

Data is playing an increasing role in creative HE from creative research to management support. How well do we understand ‘big data’, its role in arts and design research and its policy implications?¬†As a sector, art and design professionals tend to be rooted in narrative and multi-faceted expressive forms.

  • How do we engage with a world shaped by machine data, algorithmic analysis and automated decision support?
  • How can ‘big data’ inform design research? How do we evaluate our activities and engage with data in frameworks such as TEF and REF?
  • Are there reductionist implications in over-reliance on metric approaches? What are the policy implications?
  • How do we raise our game in combining and underpinning our rich narrative tradition with multi-critical approaches?
  • How can art and design enrich data through narrativisation, visualisation, and the design of new forms of productivity, social engagement and accountability?

Join us for talks, policy briefings and interactive workshops.

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