Venice Fellowships – Partnership Opportunity

November 20, 2017

The Venice Fellowships programme is a unique opportunity for students, graduates and researchers to spend a month in Venice during the world’s most important art and architecture biennales.

Fellows share their time between invigilation of the British Pavilion and independent research. The themes of the individual research projects are guided by the focus of the Biennale and the exhibition, and can be steered by university interests and course links.

How does it work?
The British Council has created a programme to encourage discussion around the British Pavilion, and to help to make the Venice Biennale a reference point for universities and their programmes.

The British Council works in partnership with universities and arts and architecture organisations throughout the UK to support 60 Fellows to embark on a one-month fellowship at the Venice Biennale.

© British Council

The British Council is a looking for HEIs to partner for the Fellowships programme during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.
This is an opportunity for partners to send some of their brightest students or most motivated graduates to Venice to embark on a unique personal and professional development experience.

Candidates are selected through a competitive application and interview process, and successful Fellows are awarded a grant to cover their travel, accommodation and living costs, which is part-funded by participating institutions and the British Council.

We are looking to confirm partnerships by 11 December 2017 and places will be open to an interdisciplinary cohort from across art, design, architecture and humanities subjects.

The British Council coordinates an induction school in March 2018, during which the Fellows receive practical advice, learn about the exhibition, and participate in discussions and workshops. The induction is an important chance for Fellows to meet as a group prior to their travel to Venice, and build relationships with peers across borders and institutions.

© British Council Photo: Lucia Sceranková

Interested in becoming a partner?

For further information and enquiries about becoming a partner, please contact Laura Broderick, Venice Fellowships Programme Manager:

Please also refer to the partnership pages on our website and and read about the 2017 Fellows are via our blog

Find out more about Venice Fellowships:
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