The transposition to digital: Creative education in online spaces

July 6, 2020

Art, Media and Design Higher Education leading the debate on the transposition to online.

Up to 120 CHEAD Members and staff at UAL attended this #CHEADonline event introduced by Sir Nigel Carrington, Vice Chancellor, University of the Arts London.

Attendees shared experiences, information, advice and supported each other through peer to peer exchange of their many challenges which led to creative solutions. The event was the first of its kind, co-designed with UAL, to recognise and enhance the remarkable adaptability and professionalism shown by our community of creative educators in designing and delivering for digital environments.

The event explored how the accelerated move to digital has amplified issues of inequality, health and wellbeing, workstyle and how we could work in new ways which are kinder, more inclusive and compassionate. Resources to support CHEAD Members, via ongoing discussion forums and a recording of the event, are now available.

This pop-up, pop-in mini ‘converence’ (a conference by conversation) discussing innovation in Designing for Digital Delivery took place on Friday 3rd July 2020. Developed as a digital drop-in webinar room, delegates dropped in for a series of half hour ‘windows’ over half a day covering series of themed conversations designed to stimulate discussion timed to start and end every half an hour including:

  • Adapting the best digital experience for ADM disciplines: The digital playbook
  •  The virtual studio: Creative constraints or opportunity to innovate?
  • Designing socially distanced spaces, studios and classrooms
  • Creating virtual community cohesion: Overcoming digital anxiety
  • When home is not a learning environment for all
  • Creative industries digital skills needs: I’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want!

Speakers were drawn from academia and industry. Attendees joined from across a diverse range of our 66 Member institutions. These critical conversations continue via our online forums.

If you would like to join the Microsoft Teams Discussion Forums please register here

If you would like to receive a link to view the recorded event, available only to CHEAD members, please contact:

These specialist resources and support are a benefit of CHEAD Membership and are for Members only. We welcome new applications for CHEAD membership throughout the year. Membership is open to institutions offering higher education in art, design, creative media, and related disciplines.

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