• Please refer to the Application Guidelines before completing this form.
  • Institutions will be chosen for funding based on the content of their proposal and in relation to the criteria in the call for proposals.
  • If you would like to discuss the programme for your workshop or seminar before submitting a proposal, please contact us.

Call for Proposals

  1. Overview

    In order to engage effectively with the related communities both within and outside of higher education, CHEAD articulates our values and propositions itself and its activities in relation to a range of themes, which derived from the six major societal and economic challenge themes that span the Research councils, as identified by Research Councils UK (RCUK) in its Strategic Vision 2011-15. This approach shall give CHEAD activities relevance and allow it to engage in debates about ourselves outside our discipline.

    The overarching themes are:

    • Business, Economy, Innovation
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Environment and Sustainability
    • Identity & Security
    • Education, Scholarship, Research
  2. Aims

    Regional events shall be the place to articulate our sector’s values and to position Art & Design in relation to the respective theme: What are the ideas which both respond to, and have the potential to impact on, the current and changing contexts for HE and for A&D?

    Reflecting the diversity of our sector, seminars across the regions may articulate a range of values. Overall, they shall provide the theoretical underpinning to CHEAD’s calendar of activities.

  3. Timing

    Workshops and seminars will be held throughout the academic year. Institutions are asked to specify their preferred dates on the proposal form. Each workshop or seminar should last a minimum of three hours with opportunities for networking and/or discussion.

  4. Organisation

    The workshops and seminars will be hosted and held in the member institutions that have had a proposal accepted in response to the call. Institutions interested in hosting a workshop or seminar during the series must ensure that their workshop or seminar is fully accessible to any delegates who may wish to attend. This includes the provision of an accessible venue and accessible presentations.

    The member institution will be responsible for managing bookings and communicating with delegates, on condition that the seminar is open to delegates from all CHEAD member institutions. CHEAD will be responsible for advertising the workshop or seminar. Assistance from the host institution with advertising the workshop or seminar would be welcome.

    A pre-requisite for hosting a seminar is that , at a minimum, it is open to delegates from higher education institutions within the host’s geographic region.

    A report on the seminar, detailing seminar attendance, key arguments and any conclusions / recommendations, shall be submitted to CHEAD within four weeks of the seminar. Funds will be released after receipt of the seminar report.

    CHEAD shall subsequently disseminate any seminar report to its membership.

  5. Hosting a workshop or seminar

    To be considered for funding, please complete the online proposal form. A copy will be sent, via email, to the email address entered in the form upon submission.

    Institutions will be contacted by CHEAD within 2 weeks to confirm whether or not the application has been successful.

  6. Selection criteria

    The following criteria will be used to select proposals for the series:

    • The workshop or seminar content is relevant to the overarching strategic challenges and would contribute to the articulation of our sector’s values.
    • The event is likely to inform CHEAD’s strategic plan.
    • The programme for the workshop or seminar is well planned and structured.
    • The proposed activities provide good value for money.
    • The seminar captures the student voice or is relevant to the student experience.
  7. Enquiries

    If you would like to discuss the programme for your workshop or seminar before submitting a proposal, please contact Christoph Raatz.