Sector advocacy

CHEAD has developed relationships with key partner organisations. We work collaboratively across the creative sector and with a regional focus to develop and communicate a coherent narrative of the achievements and contribution of art and design HE to the UK culture and economy both within the art and design HE sector and beyond.

Policy shaping and sector intelligence

Horizon scanning and long-term planning. CHEAD provides high quality intelligence to its membership, and works closely with policy-makers to advocate our members’ interests, and to promote the overall health of the UK’s creative sector as a whole and of art and design HE in particular.

  • Developing partnerships with global HE private sector and creative industries as the sector opens out to global competition.
  • Developing partnership with NSEAD and with Academy chains to promote closer partnerships with the secondary sector to restore issues with the role of secondary education in the art, design and creative media skills pipeline identified in the 2016 NSEAD report.

Culture forming

CHEAD fosters a culture of creative leadership in art and design HE through our Leadership Programme as well as through our advocacy and policy work. In a constantly shifting political and economic environment. CHEAD brings together diverse institutional structures, professional networks, creative economies and artistic practices to facilitate a dynamic response to change and a resilient UK creative culture and economy.

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