Stuart Bennett

Senior Lecturer
University of Edinburgh

Stuart Bennett is a senior lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in the University of Edinburgh currently working on the adaptation and renewal of ECA’s graduate shows and events in the context of Covid-19 and, more broadly, how festivals, culture and creative education adapt during, and post, a global pandemic.

Previously he held various roles as Head of the School of Art, ECA Deputy Principal and Acting Principal between 2009-2019. As well as being a trustee of CHEAD, he also recently joined the board of trustees for Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.

Stuart was co-lead on QAA funded Creative Arts Collaborative Cluster under QAA Enhancement Theme Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience – a collaborative group representing a range of creative arts HEIs in the Scottish Higher Education sector aimed at building and maintaining an academic, practice-based learning and teaching enhancement network.

Stuart has developed exhibitions and location specific projects and has written and spoken about his work nationally and internationally. His work as an artist and educator is concerned with the activity, conditions and tools of making, and how the experience of creating things can be demystified.

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