CHEAD 2017 – Highlights!

March 22, 2017

ECA Sculpture Court

Back in London after all the excitement and delighted with the resounding success of #CHEAD 2017!

Huge thanks to Prof Dean Hughes for hosting the two-day event for 80 delegates at ECA‘s beautiful and atmospheric Sculpture Court and lecture theatre.

This year began with pre-Conference drinks hosted by the amazing Talbot Rice Gallery followed by an informal dinner and ‘tweetup’ as CHEAD’s Executive assembled on the 14th before the first day of the Conference.

Talbot Rice Gallery

After welcoming delegates and introducing the overall conference theme, Prof Hughes chaired the initial panel Creative sectors in higher education as drivers in forging new global connections with keynotes from Clive Gillman of Creative Scotland and Eliza Easton of the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), and the British Council’s Gian Luca Amadei’s overview of international collaboration casework.

After the break, Prof Anita Taylor of Bath Spa University chaired a roundtable session with Jack Tindale of APDIG and Eliza Easton of CIF as part of CHEAD’s consultation leading to the publication of the CHEAD/APDIG Brexit Manifesto for creative HE to be launched at the House of Lords in September.

Judy Glasman

This was followed in the afternoon by a panel chaired by Judy Glasman of Hertfordshire University Maintaining internationalisation in higher education with a keynote from Carla Delfos of ELIA ending with a roundtable discussion chaired by Prof Anita Taylor.

The first day of the Conference ended with a wonderful formal dinner hosted by the Dovecot Gallery which included a collaborative plasticine challenge to model the future creative student:

Prof Kerstin Mey

Day two kicked off rather more soberly with a panel chaired by Prof Kerstin Mey of Westminster School of Media, Arts & Design on Developing strategic international partnerships with contributions from Prof Hugh De Burgh of Westminster’s China Media Centre and, over video link, Richard Everitt, Director Education | British Council and Prof Mike Knowles of Sushant School of Design, Ansal University.

This was followed by an open policy workshop facilitated by CHEAD’s Paula Graham-Gazzard with Jack Tindale of APDIG and Julia Bennett of the Crafts Council as the first stage of CHEAD’s consultation for our response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper on behalf of the art, design and creative media HE sector. We will shortly be briefing our membership and sharing outputs of the first workshop before our second consultation event hosted by Prof Neil Grant at University of Chester.

Ross Sinclair #CHEAD2017

In the afternoon, Prof Hughes introduced a thoroughly entertaining Local—Global talk and performance by Dr Ross Sinclair of GSA with several rousing choruses of C-H-E-A-D to rapturous applause!

Finally, Prof Vicky Gunn of GSA followed up on her thought-provoking presentation on TEF metrics at CHEAD’s December Networking Meeting taking us through the intricacies of TEF’s algorithms and managing to make a potentially dry subject engaging even at the end of two packed days of talks, forums and workshops!

It’s left only to thank everyone for their fantastic input, energy and wonderfully open and collaborative atmosphere. Thanks especially to Prof Dean Hughes, to all our contributors and panel chairs, and to our hosts at ECA, Talbot Rice and Dovecot. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for CHEAD 2018!

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