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REF 2021 Final guidance and criteria published

The UK’s four higher education (HE) funding bodies have published the key documents that provide guidance to UK universities when submitting their research to the next Research Excellence Framework, REF 2021. The ‘Guidance on submissions' (REF 2019/01) details how UK...

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Policy Update – Post-Election June 2017

#GE2017results Just when you thought it was safe to make plans again, the election opens out new vistas of unpredictability and instability. On the good side, from the point of view of creative education and industries, John Kamfner at Creative Industries Federation...

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CHEAD undertakes Membership Review

At the 26th May 2016 CHEAD Membership and Networking meeting, members were presented with a Membership Report that set out a proposal to introduce a tiered membership fee structure based on self declared student numbers. Here is a link to the Membership Report. We...

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