Month: April 2017 News & Resources

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Policy Update

Snap Election 2017 All those not actually off-the-grid this week will know that Theresa May has called an election which will be held on 8 June. Purdah will begin 22 April and Parliament will be dissolved on 2 May. This gives very little time for the 'washup' period...

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Industrial Strategy Green Paper

This response is based on the outputs from open policy consultation workshops hosted by Prof Dean Hughes in Edinburgh College of Art as part of CHEAD 2017 and by Prof Neil Grant at the University of Chester with a workshop by Prof Allan Owens, as well as consultation...

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CHEAD Response New DLHE 2nd Consultation

This response was a collaborative effort with particular thanks to Prof Jim Roddis (Emeritus SHU), Prof Oriana Baddeley (UAL), Prof Vicky Gunn (GSA), Prof Bill Gaver (Goldsmiths), Prof Kerstin Mey(Westminster School of Media Arts and Design), and Prof Anita Taylor...

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