Month: July 2016 News & Resources

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Policy Briefing – July

The CHEAD Policy Briefing will take a break over August to return early in September when it is to be hoped things will have settled enough for new policy maps to begin to emerge. It feels almost foolhardy to attempt a policy briefing as events rush past us - however,...

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CHEAD’s Response to HESA DLHE Review

This is CHEAD’s response to the Consultation on principles and future requirements for the UK’s public interest data about graduates. Many thanks to Gillian Youngs and Kertstin Mey (CHEAD Treasurer) at Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design; Anita Taylor at Bath...

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CHEAD adopts Open Policy

The HE Art, Design and Media (ADM) sector and the world of policymaking are both changing fast and CHEAD is changing too. In response to consultations with our members, we are moving steadily towards a more open, inclusive and networked approach to our policy work. We...

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